NSW Government

Identity / Design Style

Design agency, Percept, was chosen by the NSW Government for their Premier's Awards brand identity. We were to develop the logo, brand identity and design style to stand the test of time, while the look and feel of the event's annual theme, changes each year.

Case Study

Brand Identity & Design Style

Each year, the NSW Government hold their Premier’s Awards to recognise outstanding achievement within the public sector. From the NSW Government Advertising and Digital Communication Services Pre-qualification Scheme, design agency, Percept, won out from a shortlist of design agencies with government brand identity experience, to create the logo, brand identity and design style for the awards themselves as well as develop the look and feel of the event from year to year.

This brand identity and design style project began with the logo for the Premier’s Awards and we intended it to convey feelings of prestige and excellence, attributes which are befitting of the award winners.

The icon in the brand identity represents a trophy that the entrants are striving for and this has influenced the actual award as it has now been modelled on the the logo’s icon.

A brand colour palette of blue has also been used to tie in relevance to the state of NSW.

The look and feel of each year’s event was also part of the brief, for instance one of the theme’s we’ve created is ‘innovation’.

Percept developed the brand style guide for the brand identity and design style of the event as well as the yearly theme.

Once all the brand identity was planned out, design agency, Percept, applied it to the various items of print collateral such as posters used to promote the awards as well as signage and banners that branded the event on the night.

To supplement the printed promotional material, Percept also created a website design which continued in the same look and feel and provided an online resource where participants and interested parties could access more information about the awards. All in all, this was a fairly comprehensive brand identity and design style project.