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Brand Refinement

One of Australia’s leading electrical companies engage Percept for a brand refinement project including corporate styleguide and marketing communications.

Case Study

Brand Refinement / Corporate Styleguide / Stationery / Advertising / Marketing Communications

The Challenge

Stowe Australia was established in 1910 and is a leading electrical and communications installation specialist with a strong reputation for performance, quality and reliability. As the brand has equity, they had largely relied on word of mouth and reputation to win business. In the current competitive environment, the task was to evolve their image with a brand refinement that repositioned their B2B marketing communications.

We were to showcase the company’s offering by designing new marketing communications and developing a corporate styleguide that pulls everything together. The outcome of the brand refinement project would assist in overall brand management, business pitches and tender applications.

The Solution

Throughout Stowe’s history, a number of logo variations have been used, causing confusion within the company. Percept began the brand refinement with the logo design and created a master logo suite along with a corporate styleguide to establish consistent brand usage.

Following the logo refresh in the brand refinement, Percept then created a suite of marketing communications, featuring an updated graphic design style and copywriting that repositioned the brand, utilising a new tone of voice.

The design of the brand refinement mimics Stowe’s business approach – clean, ordered and engaging. This new graphic design style flowed throughout their stationery, capabilities document, advertisements and print communication collateral.



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