Gambling Help

Annual Report / Ad Campaigns

Gambling Help, a social service run by the NSW Government chose Percept in Sydney for their annual report design and development of ad campaigns.

Case Study

Annual Report Design / Press Ad Campaigns / Brochures / Posters

The NSW Government community social service, Gambling Help, chose Sydney’s Percept for their annual report design. This was because Percept is a Sydney design agency listed on the NSW Government Advertising and Digital Communication Services Pre-qualification Scheme.

The brief for the NSW Government’s Gambling Help community service’s annual report design was to inject the service’s focus on real people into an otherwise dry and corporate document.

Working with the brand guidelines (created by Percept), the theme of ‘all walks of life’ was chosen. This theme sums up the fact that the service’s clients, those affected by problem gambling, come from a broad range of demographics. Representing this theme by using images of varied shoes was both engaging and at the same time prevented any particular person or group of people being singled out.

The need to work to a tight budget was embraced by Percept, and the use of imagery and a bold, primarily two colour design, made this not only possible but also a creative and intriguing communication solution.

Page layouts were based on a consistent grid, yet remain fresh and engaging by changing up the use of this grid from page to page.

The resulting document not only communicated vital corporate information, but it embraced and expressed the brand’s values and community connections.

This annual report design was so effective for the NSW Government community service Gambling Help, that Percept were appointed for their annual report design the following year as well.

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Percept also develop the many different kinds of ad campaigns, information brochures and posters to communicate the benefits of the social service within the community.

Various ad campaigns have been developed over the years, and you can see samples of a few of them in the images above.

It is important for the design of this collateral to feel approachable and non-judgemental in order for it to be successful.

In venue posters are also designed for specific initiatives such as time out rooms and promotional material has been created for Responsible Gambling Week.

All Gambling Help items combine to make for a strong and recognisable visual brand, which is can be easily recalled and used when the time comes.

Gambling Help has also run TVC ad campaigns which feature the branding that Percept created with nods to the design style that has been established so far in their print ad campaigns. It has been great in terms of raising much needed awareness for problem gambling, educating those in need, just how to get help.