Communication Design

Selected from leading creative agencies in Sydney, communication design agency, Percept created some communication design pieces that will help music to make a difference for the Association of NSW Regional Conservatoriums (ANSWRC).

Case Study

Communication Design Agency

The Challenge

The Association of NSW Regional Conservatoriums have been providing leadership, resources and expertise for over 30 years to support their vision of making high quality music education and performance accessible, enriching and engaging for all students. Searching for creative agencies in Sydney, Percept were a good fit for their needs. As a specialist Sydney communication design agency Percept were approached to create communication design that was fun, cohesive and aspirational for application to a DL flyer, advert and pull-up banner. The purpose was to communicate that music is for everyone, regardless of age or ability.

The Solution

‘Music makes a difference’ was the driving force behind all communication design as an inspirational and emotive message that speaks to each individual personally. The headline uses crafted type that flows in a playful motion down the page, leading the eye over the hero images showcasing students engaged in music.

This is complemented by a vibrant gradient which adds an energetic and youthful feel to each piece. The content, flow and hierarchy of information across both the DL flyer and advert has  been carefully considered to ensure it is easy to read and engages with the audience.

Unique brush strokes frame important key messaging, making for communication design pieces that are full of expression and personality yet they remain cohesive and can be identified as a set. This communication design project successfully achieves the aim of inspiring and motivating students in line with the ANSWRC’s aim to create a life-long continuum of music education in regional communities, validating the selection of one of the leading creative agencies in Sydney, Percept.

If you have a creative brief for a Sydney communication design agency, Percept would love to discuss your project.