Annual Report Design & Printing

Annual report design and printing by Percept creative agency Sydney.

Case Study

Annual Report Design & Printing by Creative Agency, Percept

Creative agency, Percept, was engaged for annual report design and printing by the St George and Sutherland Shire BEC in Sydney.

A quality annual report design and printing was required. The project called for it to be suitable for printing as well as online use as a PDF.

The brief to the brand designers at creative agency, Percept, was to improve the quality and professionalism of the annual report design and printing, but not move too far away from annual reports of previous years. As such, there was an element of familiarity for their members and stakeholders who would be the readers of this document.

It was also a requirement to use the colour palette of their existing brand identity which is red and blue.

As with all annual report design and printing, clear communication of key information is very important. Percept is a creative agency who keeps this front of mind throughout the document so the reader can quickly and easily access the information that is important to them.

As an experienced creative agency, Percept, and its brand designers know how to work to a budget. A combination of client supplied images and stock photography is used throughout, to ensure the project came in on budget without sacrificing too much from a visual perspective.

Considering the variation of image quality across these different sources, Percept, the creative agency, worked some special colour treatment into the images which acted as a clever design feature that could also mask deficiencies of quality where it was an issue.

Creative agency, Percept Brand Design, not only came up with the annual report design, but also managed the printing and production for this client. Due to the majority of users now downloading the PDF version from the website, the printing was done digitally as it was not a particularly large quantity.

If you are interested in annual report design and printing in Sydney, please contact the brand designers at creative agency, Percept, to discuss your project.