B2B Design

Sydney creative agency, Percept, worked on B2B design for IT company Datacom as part of this visual communication project. They wanted a new corporate profile design and case studies to market themselves to blue-chip companies within Australia and New Zealand.

Case Study

Corporate Profile Design & B2B Design by Sydney Creative Agency, Percept

Sydney creative agency, Percept, have worked in conjunction with Datacom’s marketing team to enhance the effectiveness of their business to business design, better known as B2B design. This included branding, graphic design and visual communication design.

The visual communication in this B2B design is used as marketing collateral to assist their new business development team when approaching blue-chip companies across Australia and New Zealand. Essentially, this was an exercise in effective visual communication through B2B design.

The first item of B2B design was the presentation folder, which was to house the marketing collateral to be presented by the Datacom NBD team. It is clean and corporate in make up and serves as a simple branding vehicle.

For the corporate profile design, clean yet technical is the feel that Percept recommended as their Sydney creative agency, because it suited who they were internally and the services that they offer.

Percept is a Sydney creative agency that believes the corporate profile design is an important piece in B2B design. The branding, typography and layout show that they are not run of the mill and subliminally promises a special experience when dealing with this company.

Due to the diverse nature of Datacom’s offerings and their client’s needs, Sydney creative agency, Percept, had recommended that their corporate profile design was an overview document. We then created a range of case studies that delve deeper into specific projects undertaken for reputable corporate companies and blue-chip brands as this was the best branding strategy for their B2B design.

All items in the range of visual communication items were successfully utilised when combined to tailor marketing packages that suit specifically targeted organisations.

If you are interested in visual communication or B2B design of any kind, contact Sydney creative agency, Percept, today.