Corporate identity system and print communication design by Percept for Enware brands in Sydney, Australia.

Case Study

Enware’s head office in Sydney’s south selected Percept Brand Design to create their corporate identity system and print communication design.

The system was designed to provide a cohesive corporate identity look and feel across all brands within their stable, and be used consistently on all marketing collateral.

It was to create a fresh new corporate presence that would continue to provide their customers and employees with the trust and security that Enware are global leaders. They manufacture quality Australian made products and provide design driven solutions that enhance the safety and performance of the built environment.

Enware already had a corporate logo in place as well as a variety of logos for their other brands such as Franke, SafeEquip and CareDesign which all sat under the overall Enware brand umbrella.

Percept worked with the team at Enware to refine and improve the design of their corporate identity system and apply it to a print communication design style that works consistently across all of their marketing collateral.

They also had an opportunity where their existing customers for one brand could be prompted to the fact that they also produced products for associated uses under their other brand names. So part of our job was to visually tie everything together to increase the potential of cross-selling to Enware’s existing customer base.

The solution features a colour palette built from the existing individual brands combined with common graphic treatments which stem from and are ownable by the Enware mother-brand.

Percept incorporated the 4 fresh colours from the original Enware logo into the corporate identity system and have created a strong brand presence which pertains to specialist plumbing solutions as well as highlighting and referencing stainless steel washroom systems, environmental health and safety and adaptable work and living solutions across all print communication design.

We created the Enware droplet system as a supporting design device to be dynamic and fluid. They can be used in various ways, be it on their own to display images or to highlight copy, or in a group to display and communicate the single minded proposition or brand values.

Consistent type treatments and layouts are used to easily communicate product information so the potential customer can quickly and clearly obtain the specifications that they require.

The design of this corporate identity system has been rolled out to print communication design pieces such as product cataloguesmarketing brochures, magazine ads, banners and stationery, as well as signagewebsite and digital assets.

A style guide has also been developed to ensure the corporate identity system and print communication design will work for Enware into the future as they roll-out further collateral with us, their internal design team and any third party graphic design service providers.



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