Corporate communication design for Fujitsu Australia in Sydney.

Case Study

Fujitsu Australia and New Zealand, is a leading service provider of business, information technology and communications solutions. They approached Percept as the agency they wanted to improve their internal documents with a corporate communication design style, specifically, the company’s Workplace Health and Safety Policy.

The aim was to engage staff and clearly convey the importance of the information in an approachable way. Percept’s proposal for the internal corporate communication design was in the form of an informative poster to be displayed around several key areas in their offices.

The concept needed to be flexible to be applied across various formats as well as online.

Percept developed a corporate communication design piece that is approachable yet establishes the information as important and serious. Using quick, clear communication style featuring tiered levels of information hierarchy, the message is easy to digest.

Percept suggested breaking away from the brand’s set corporate communication design templates to differentiate their internal communications and garner attention with a slightly different design style to what staff had seen before.

The result was a new and improved piece of internal communication approved directly by the CEO, which was rolled out on-site to educate staff and provide a safer working environment.

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