Product Brochure Design

Corporate graphic design services for Honeywell, including brand marketing collateral and product brochure design for Australia and NZ.

Case Study

Product Brochure Design / Marketing Collateral

Sydney based Percept were selected as the corporate graphic design services providers to create printed marketing collateral for the Honeywell brand’s product brochure design. Honeywell, a Fortune 500 company, has 28 offices employing over 1200 people across Australia and New Zealand.

The majority of their corporate marketing material is printed product brochure design that can also be downloaded in digital format as PDFs on their website.

We used a modern, minimal and clean approach on this product brochure design project to reflect the design qualities of the products themselves and harness the integrity of this large Fortune 500 corporation.

The clean graphic design style is in keeping with the international corporate standards for the Honeywell brand, used not only in Australia and NZ but throughout the world.

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Product Brochure Design

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