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Peoplebank required corporate identity design Sydney for their new brand, Propenso, which specialises in executive recruitment in Australia. The brand positioning project also included the development of a corporate brochure and corporate website design.

Case Study

Corporate Identity Design Sydney / Corporate Brochure / Corporate Website Design

From the Peoplebank stable comes Propenso, a recruitment brand that specialises in executive level sales, marketing, consulting and strategy placements. Percept were chosen to for the corporate identity design which included their corporate brochure and corporate website design. All these elements combine to position the new Sydney brand in a competitive market.

With a focus on premium branding, the Propenso corporate identity design was to be perceived as high quality, connecting with executive level talent and communicating on their level.

We developed a corporate identity design with strength, class and clarity to represent the new corporate brand. These things, combined with a sophisticated colour palette, position the company well in an effort to attain instant credibility in a highly competitive national marketplace.

Since launching, it has been described by the client as a slick, modern and contemporary corporate identity design Sydney.

The corporate brochure design is also doing an effective job of establishing the company as a leading force in this sector of the recruitment industry.

The printed marketing communications are backed up by the corporate website design which is consistent in style and tone of voice, effectively communicating with the target audience.

Since the successful launch of this corporate identity design Sydney, including the corporate brochure and corporate website design, they have engaged Percept again to be involved in the corporate identity and brand design for several other companies within their group.



Corporate Identity Design Sydney

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