Marketing Collateral

For much of their branding design, brochure and marketing collateral, Unilever Food Solutions have worked with Sydney creative agency Percept.

Case Study

Marketing Collateral and Branding Design by Percept

Unilever Food Solutions work with the branding design team at Percept as one of its creative agencies in Sydney. Percept has developed the brochures and marketing collateral design for the many famous brands that they offer in the food service category throughout Australia and South East Asia.

The marketing collateral promotes their products and can be used as catalogue design reference that a sales representative can use in a practical situation when meeting with their customers.

Each catalogue design can easily highlight how the products will benefit businesses in terms of quality of product as well as profitability.

The branding design on all brochure design and marketing collateral is intended to appeal to food industry professionals who aim to improve productivity without compromising on taste.

Branding design specialists, Percept, tend to use mouth watering professional photography of food to inspire them and keep the layouts fresh, clean and professional, with an emphasis on well recognised branding.

As one of their Sydney creative agencies, Percept provide Unilever with branding design, marketing collateral as well as packaging design. It is an ongoing relationship that is now in its third decade, which is a testament to the success of Percept’s branding design.