The key to this digital marketing campaign is the clarity of the messaging and creative to best communicate with the target audience.


The Challenge

Champion Homes engaged Percept to develop a clear and versatile creative campaign for their Rent Buster promotion as their original creative and messaging was successful only when animated and had limitations as a flat graphic.

The key part of the brief on this digital marketing campaign was to ensure the messaging was direct and easy to understand quickly by the target market i.e. first home buyers and investors.

It was imperative that the creative campaign had the flexibility to work across various platforms (animated display ads and flat graphics, for example real estate listings).

The Solution

Careful consideration was given to ensure this digital marketing campaign felt trustworthy. While the creative is playful and fun, it also feels credible and professional, while tying in to the look and feel of their existing branding.

Simple and engaging messaging is utilised to communicate the offer to both investors and first home buyers with an approachable and relatable tone of voice.

As English may be the second language for a portion of the target market, iconography was utilised to reinforce the direct messaging to maximise the clarity of communication.

The words are framed with a keyline house icon – due to its simplicity and wide recognition as the universal symbol for home. The icon playfully interacts with the photography over a vibrant, energetic yellow background – helping to build brand recognition and positivity.

The campaign headline ‘Rent Buster’ was retained as it’s direct and straight to the point. The visual style and messaging for this digital marketing campaign was rolled across various online platforms.



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