Website Design

A sleek new website design for Swiss hair care appliance brand, Valera.

Case Study

Website Design

The Challenge

Valera is a Swiss hair care brand producing appliances since 1990. The name Valera is of Latin origin and means ‘healthy, strong, brave and courageous.’

As the existing Valera website ( was geared towards the European/Swiss market, Grays Online approached Percept with the task of creating a separate website design that would appeal to the Australian market. The objective was to refresh their digital brand presence in light of the alternate target audience while capturing the essence of the Valera brand.

The Solution

Percept created a clean and contemporary website design that visually represents the brand values of quality and beauty. Shifting away from the stark whiteness of the global website, dark tones and high contrast were utilised which oozes appeal in a sophisticated way.

Hero images were carefully selected to visually represent the brand values and speak to their primary consumer base of modern women, providing a glimpse into the stunning results that can be achieved by using Valera’s hair appliances.

Subtle details in the hover effects such as the transforming arrow device add a level of sophistication to the interactive experience. The result is a new website design that not only looks classy and beautiful, but is also elegantly sophisticated in the way it works and responds to user interaction.