Website Design Sydney

Percept delivered strategic branding and website design Sydney. The strategic branding assignment also included online catalogue design for high quality designer wallpaper company in Australia.

Case Study

Website Design Sydney & Online Catalogue Design by Strategic Branding Company, Percept

Strategic branding company, Percept, was hired for this website design Sydney assignment which included an online catalogue design.

Based in Sydney, Eurowalls is Australia’s leading importer and retailer of high quality designer European wall coverings. They required strategic branding and website design Sydney that would reflect this professionalism.

After designing their strategic branding, Percept were engaged again for their website design that would include an online catalogue design with a minimalist and slick look.

Percept is a strategic branding company and website design agency in Sydney. This project features a black background to emphasise the contrast of each designer’s collection whilst keeping the content to a minimum in the layout of the catalogue design.

To showcase each designer’s full collection in the online catalogue design, the website design Sydney has a gallery view that was created in a way which makes the site easy to update as new designer’s collections are introduced to the catalogue.

Eurowalls is based in Sydney. They are also in the process of launching more designer wallpaper retail outlets throughout Greater Sydney and other Australian Capital Cities as the company grows.

If you are interested in high quality, strategic branding and website design Sydney, contact us for a project proposal today. When it comes to strategic branding, Percept provides expert advice.