Interactive infographic design for The Australian Government Fair Work Ombudsman website.

Case Study

The Challenge

The Australian Government Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) website provides information and advice to users about workplace rights and obligations. Following the Fair Work Commission Penalty Rates Decision handed down in 2017, an interactive infographic design was required to visually demonstrate who is affected by the penalty rates decision.

The Fair Work Ombudsman approached Percept to design the HTML infographic to be a part of their existing website design, containing easily digestible information and a personalised summary tailored to the user’s selections. It was important that the infographic design adhered to the existing brand guidelines, and ensured mobile compatibility as well as taking web accessibility standards into consideration.

The Solution

The solution was a simple, three step process, that guides the user through the selections. Clear icons, headings and hover states that invert when selected, were implemented to show the user’s current position and present information in an engaging, concise way.

Once selection criteria are filled, the key details relevant to the user’s specifications appear. The affected areas are separated into distinctive sections, accompanied by icons and an industry colour specific background to visually inform the user which sector they are currently viewing.

It is an effective solution that avoids large blocks of text which can be hard to read and digest. The result is an infographic design with a flow of information that is simple, intuitive and engaging for the user to follow quickly and easily.