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Brand Strategy / Campaign

Percept worked on the brand strategy for the NSW Government initiative, Get Healthy at Work. This was then developed into a campaign that was designed to include both digital and print media.

Case Study

Brand Strategy / Campaign Design

The Challenge

Percept were appointed to develop the brand strategy and campaign design for The Healthy Workers Initiative as part of the National Partnership Agreement on Preventive Health (NPAPH). From the more than 200 agencies included on the NSW Government Advertising and Digital Communication Services Pre-qualification Scheme, Percept were the successful Sydney creative agency selected for the project due to expertise in brand strategy.

The aim was to address modifiable risk factors for chronic disease in workers, targeting behavioural and organisational factors, such as; overweight/obesity, reducing fat intake, alcohol and tobacco use.

The Solution

As we were targeting both businesses and employees with a high percentage of workers at risk of chronic diseases, our approach was to use a strong, clear and easy to understand message that defines the essence of the initiative.

The concept ‘Health, Check’ resonated with the target audience at focus group testing stage.

The brand strategy and campaign design for this ‘Get Healthy at Work‘ project is based on the idea of a ‘things to do’ list, showcasing the importance of keeping your health in-check.

It was important that the initiative is portrayed as an established, trusted and reliable program. The design is simple and clear in its communication, so it effectively connects with and engages the widest possible audience within the two target segments – employers and employees.



Brand Strategy & Campaign Design

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