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B2B website design Sydney, featuring product catalogue design for Marlin Australia, aimed at their B2B audience.

Case Study

B2B Website Design Sydney / B2B Product Catalogue Design Sydney

After creating the successful print based B2B catalogue design for their products, Sydney agency Percept were asked to create an online version in the form of a B2B website design. Its purpose is to assist the sales and marketing team and their customers in the ordering process.

Marlin Australia are a Sydney company who design and manufacture boating accessories and wet weather apparel, specialising in life jackets and personal floatation devices. From their Sydney office, they service many of the largest organisations in Australia. They also have manufacturing plants in China, so they can maintain a high level of quality control. This is important as this Australian company supplies product across the globe from America to Asia and products must meet many different international standards of certification.

Having worked with them since the 1990’s, Percept is the digital design agency in Sydney who devised an intuitive navigation system which allowed a large amount of product to be accessed without confusion in this clever B2B website design.

The online B2B catalogue design for Marlin Australia reinforces its printed counterpart whilst adding the dynamics of movement which really brings this B2B website design to life, engaging the customer and helping them throughout the ordering process.

If you are interested in online product catalogue design or B2B website design Sydney for your product’s market, digital design agency, Percept, would love to work with you. Contact us today.



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