SBA Architects

Digital Design Agency

CMS website by Percept digital design agency Sydney for leading architect firm that is primarily aimed at property developers.

Case Study

Website by Digital Design Agency, Percept

SBA Architects chose Percept as the digital design agency Sydney to create and develop their new CMS website design. It was to include a CMS (Content Management System) so they could update the site themselves once it was up and running.

The website design allows them to edit and update the content of the CMS website, both text and images, throughout the site. It is great for them to add new projects to their portfolio once they complete them.

Considering the CMS website design is an online showcase for architects, aesthetics were imperative. The perceptions given off to their design savvy target market of property developers were of utmost importance to the reputation and success of their business.

Good design branding is not limited to visual appeal, so great thought was also given to user experience (UX design). How the site operated, intuitive navigation, what information people would be most interested in and the way that content was displayed.

This CMS website by Percept, digital design agency Sydney, was to be SBA Architect’s main business development tool and as such, it was approached as an online brochure which showcases the architects’ portfolio of high quality architectural design work in Sydney as well as their architecture and property development projects across all of Australia.

Digital design agency, Percept’s intent was that the visuals displayed throughout the CMS website design would appeal to those who were searching for a company to work on similar projects. Our client was able to provide fantastic photography which was a pleasure to work with and obviously makes for a great end result.

So far, SBA Architects has been receiving feedback that users love their new CMS website design and they have reported increased enquiries from property developers and that they are winning plenty of new business as a result.