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Strategic website design and development project for Trivest building and construction company in Sydney.

Case Study

Strategic Website Design & Development Sydney

Sydney based private equity and property development company Trivest, invited Percept to conceptualise a new strategic website design and development for their online presence. It was to represent their building and construction company, which specialises in the innovative redevelopment of heritage buildings around Sydney’s fringe suburbs for the commercial and retail sectors.

We came up with a creative concept, featuring animated transitions between before and after shots of each development project.

The whole strategy of this website design and development Sydney project is based around the ‘Re’ concept, Redesign, Redevelop, Refresh etc. and this continues throughout each section.

The heritage buildings are beautiful and the end result of each project is a fine blend of history and contemporary style which create amazing architecturally designed spaces for tenants such as Panasonic, Red Bull and BlueScope.

Part of the brief of this website design and development project was that it was to visually link to their existing branding and print brochure design.

This would ensure a consistency of look and feel for the Trivest brand across their print and web communications.



Website Design & Development Sydney

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