Robus Rentals

Branding & Web Design

Branding and web design for an Australian car hire company by brand designers, Percept. The branding and web design features a bold look and an online booking system.

Case Study

Branding & Web Design by Brand Designers, Percept

Brand designers, Percept, were approached by a franchise business owner with plans to breakaway and start a new company in truck and car hire.

Impressed by our full service branding portfolio, they entrusted expert brand designers, Percept, with creating their new company’s full brand identity, starting with the brand naming, then their logo design. After that came their digital branding and web design, which also required the functionality of an online booking system as the main hub for new business enquiries.

The creative brief for the brand designers was to develop brand naming that was professional and trustworthy with an established feel. We researched, workshopped and presented several options, each with a strong rationale.

Robus Rentals was selected for its meaning and how well it integrated with the tagline; simple, reliable, trusted. The name is also completely ownable, easy to recall and can be read quickly on the side of a car or truck.

As the next task, brand designers, Percept, created the Robus Rentals brand identity and tagline. Driven by our research and analysis of the car and truck hire industry, we created a brand identity for the new company that allows Robus Rentals to stand out in a positive and memorable way.

The branding Percept designed is bold, clean and modern but also has longevity. The icon is representative of a vehicle badge and the brand designers selected colours that set Robus Rentals apart from their competitors.

Once the brand identity was finalised, we designed the most important tool of their business – the Robus Rentals web design, complete with a complex booking portal.

The web design is fully custom built from its UI and UX to the content management system. Through the website, customers are easily able to book a rental vehicle using the online booking system.

The system sends an email for each booking to the relevant branch as well as a confirmation email to the customer.

The web design also features a custom content management system which allows Robus to edit and manage all content areas such as vehicle information, specials and rental rates.

Through careful planning, expert development and meticulous testing the Robus Rentals web design provides each branch an easy to manage vehicle booking system and its customers a simple, user-friendly online booking portal experience.

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