Divine Pets

Packaging Design for Asia

E-commerce product packaging design for Asia by Percept, Australian packaging designer Sydney.

Case Study

Packaging Design for Asia by Percept, Australian Packaging Designer

In search of an Australian packaging designer, Divine Pets elected to work with Percept, packaging design agency Sydney.

Divine Pets are an Australian based company who produce and sell a range of pet cleaning products to Asian countries. They chose Percept as their packaging designer because of Percept’s experience in packaging design for Asia.

They required brand identity and packaging design for Asia by an Australian packaging designer such as Percept, in Sydney, for products that would be sold in the general Asian market as well as retailing online in an e-commerce situation.

The packaging designer, Percept, was to create something that would appeal to the consumer by fitting into the Asian pet care category.

It was created to look premium ‘pampering your pet’ and stand out from the competitors by having a unique packaging design with more personality than most of the other competitor brands in Asia.

Packaging designer, Percept, has plenty of experience in packaging design for Asia.

The strategic branding on this project, was to highlight the natural ingredients in the product whilst emphasising the Australian origin of the ingredients and their quality. That is why it was key for the client to work with an Australian packaging designer such as Percept.

Percept is a packaging designer in Sydney. Percept created a label with a bright, punchy colour palette to create plenty of shelf shout and appeal.

An icon was developed from tea tree leaves to highlight the natural essential oils and this cleverly creates the shape of Australia to represent the Australian origin of the products.

Animal silhouettes are used throughout the packaging design to suggest the products are used for a variety of animals, whilst also helping to inject a bit of brand personality.

The end result is a clean and premium product range which successfully answered the client’s brief and is currently generating plenty of sales throughout the market in Asia as well as in online e-commerce retail scenarios.

Australian packaging designer, Percept, also developed the e-commerce website design used to sell these products.

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