Redback Tools

Brand Consultancy

Australian packaging design agency, Percept, is a brand consultancy, offering graphic design from product catalogue design, to point of sale display and retail packaging design.

Case Study

Brand Consultancy by Packaging Design Agency, Percept

Redback Tools offer purpose-built tools where each product has a design feature that sets it apart from anything else on the market. These unique selling points are at the heart of the company’s success.

Packaging design agency, Percept, worked closely with the owner of the Australian company Redback as a brand consultancy and packaging design agency.

As the brand consultancy, Percept recommended that the packaging design and point of sale display supports the strengths of each individual product and its presence in a retail environment.

Australian packaging design agency, Percept was used as the brand consultancy for all their branding, packaging design, point of sale display, printed marketing communications, catalogue design and website design requirements.

In the case of the Maxiknife carton, Percept designed the packaging design and the matching point of sale display. It serves a dual purpose because not only is it the storage and presentation piece which displays the product in the store, it is also the box that it is shipped in. This is a good example of innovative packaging design.

This point of sale display also fits with the branding design elements for Redback’s other products and strengthens their branding design and awareness within their target market, which was an important directive from brand consultancy, Percept.

The packaging design for the Maxiknife hang tag and the MaxiS5 backing cards were designed for use when these products are displayed individually in a hanging rack retail environment.

The challenge for packaging design agency, Percept, as the brand consultancy, on the Maxistrike tag design was that the physical shape of the hammer itself. This made it very hard to attach a backing card and the weight ruled out a hang tag.

Brand consultancy, Percept, ended up designing a self adhesive label that contained all the necessary information as well as consistently branding it along with the other products that Redback manufacture.

The unique selling point of the Sketch Tape product is that you can actually write your measurements on the measuring tape’s casing, then rub it off when you’re finished.

The Percept packaging design agency created a removable label that visually explains what the product offers the user as well as creating the backing card to give it an in-store presence that allows practical point of sale display.

As a full service brand consultancy, Percept, then came up with a product catalogue design for the Redback Tools range. It is big, bold and strong, things that appeal to the target audience.

After brand consultancy, Percept, successfully rolled-out of their new image across all point of sale display and retail packaging design pieces, Redback asked us to develop an impressive website design to promote their cutting edge tools.

The website design created a presence that acts as an online product catalogue for lead generation which reduces the ground work for their sales staff.