Brand Refresh

Brand refresh for Australian retail and trade product range by packaging designer, Percept.

Case Study

Brand Refresh by Packaging Designer, Percept

The Challenge

When working on this brand refresh and packaging design project for a cluttered retail category, there were many things for Sydney packaging designer, Percept, to consider.

Lubemate is the retail range produced by Macnaught sold in independent retailers. The products are reliable and cost competitive.

The Lubemate name leans on the equity of the Macnaught name and reputation. When they contacted packaging designer, Percept, the task was a brand refresh and new packaging design.

The objective was to establish a new look and feel for the Lubemate product range to give their branding design a stronger presence in-store.

The Solution

As a top Australian packaging designer, Percept felt it was important to hero the branding and make product imagery prominent on pack, allowing customers to easily see exactly what the product looks like.

For the brand refresh, packaging designer, Percept, created bold packaging design that emphasises the product. The black allows the branding design to stand-out, making for strong shelf blocking.

A solid holding device contains important pack information. Key features assist in the purchasing decision and highlight important technical information.

Dual product name and description were considered as a clear way of showing alternate product options.

The overall brand refresh and packaging design now gives the product range a sense of trust and a well established feel.

If you have a brand refresh project for a packaging designer, Percept is here to help.