FMCG Packaging Design

Percept rebrand a smallgoods company, creating new FMCG packaging design which helped them gain traction in the marketplace for their meat and cheese ranges.

Case Study

Rebrand / FMCG Packaging Design / Photography

The Challenge

Northside Fine Foods are a wholesale supplier of smallgoods selling to supermarket chains and independent grocers. They came to us seeking a rebrand and new FMCG packaging design across their smallgoods and cheese ranges.

The desired outcome was improved consumer perceptions as well as increased acceptance from buyers of major supermarkets to stock their brand of smallgoods.

The Solution

The Northside logo design feels established and prestigious with provenance and heritage. The coat of arms device used in the icon is a symbol of Northside’s leadership and quality. The crown icon uses a sausage as it’s base to tell the story of the brand’s main product line.

The prestigious nature of the brand is also reflected in the FMCG packaging design. A gold label background heroes the rebrand and achieves cut-through on shelf, positioning the product as a premium offering.

Northside Fine Foods were thrilled with the rebrand and FMCG packaging design. They felt that it elevated their brand positioning within the industry.

Following the rebrand and FMCG packaging design approval, the artwork was rolled-out across their entire range.

A photo shoot was also arranged and art directed by Percept to show the products at their finest. This product photography is used on their marketing collateral, website design and vehicle signage, which we also created.