FMCG Packaging Design

Packaging design agency, Percept, crafted some playful FMCG packaging design concepts in this project for Sellotape's adhesive products.

Case Study

FMCG Packaging Design

The Challenge

Pilot Pen Australia are suppliers of quality stationery products, with brands Pilot Pen, Sellotape and Westcott.

The Sellotape range comprises of adhesive products and is the market leader for tapes. Their existing FMCG packaging design had not been updated in some time, so, Pilot Pen Australia approached packaging design agency, Percept, for new FMCG packaging design concepts for their adhesive products that would bring a fresh and playful feel to the range.

It was also important that the new FMCG packaging design concepts would be reputable and appeal to both prospective and existing customers alike in busy retail situations.

The Solution

Packaging design agency, Percept, came up with a quirky solution that elevated the current FMCG packaging design, whilst considering brand equity of visual cues that were recognised in the old design such as logo placement and the colour schemes of product SKUs.

Inspired by tape on paper, a thoughtful concentric pattern was created around structured lines for the double sided tape. Utilising tone on tone, the fun pattern generates visual interest for strong shelf shout, allowing the Sellotape branding to be easily differentiated from competitors. Likewise, the subtle geometric pattern created for the invisible tape creates a texture that breaks up a plain background without overtaking the packaging or overshadowing the content.

The new FMCG packaging design concepts for these two SKUs work well together, creating the start of a family with a unique and recognisable look that can be added to, and pushed further if desired, as more products are released (additional concepts shown), giving a feeling of fun times while being creative with your craft.