Brand collateral refresh for Digifort, a World–class IP surveillance software company.

Case Study

The Challenge

Percept was selected to refresh Digifort’s existing brand collateral. The existing branding was dated and the design of the collateral was cluttered and complicated for customers to navigate.

Digifort asked Percept to bring their brand and all associated collateral into a more streamlined package that would modernise their perceived image, helping connect with potential customers when marketing to prospects.

The Solution

To begin the transformation in this brand collateral refresh project, Percept created an updated logo design to give a first impression that is simple, sophisticated and professional. This simple change immediately brought the company up-to-speed with its target audience who appreciate clarity and confidence. The same approach was applied to Digifort’s corporate stationery which also helped improve perceptions.

The major recommendation we made when reviewing their brand collateral, was to reduce the amount of content on their main marketing brochure. This allows the reader to more easily navigate the information and quickly assess the criteria that they are seeking.

Using the three key points of Intelligent, Agile and Accessible, and with the Digifort logo triangle as a foundation, we create a dynamic multi-faceted graphic system. Refreshing the colour palette by adding subtle secondary colours builds on the foundations of the core brand colour palette and allows flexibility in design execution without it becoming too messy.

The overall result of this brand collateral refresh project is a fresh, contemporary and energetic evolution which has clarified Digifort’s identity and messaging.