Adding a spark in the new brand identity package for start-up business in Sydney, DKW Electrical and Mechanical Services.

Case Study

The Challenge

DKW Electrical and Mechanical Services provide solutions to a range  of customers, primarily property owners, maintenance managers and production managers. As a start-up business they wanted a brand identity package that would appeal to potential clientele, as well as attract tradesmen and apprentices as they intended to grow quickly.

In their initial days, they had a logo and stationery produced by a local graphic designer. They then engaged Percept to create a new brand identity package driven by concerns that their original brand wasn’t doing them justice as it did not reflect their expertise or establish a coherent image that positioned them as reliable and professional tradesmen who are at the forefront of their industry.

The Solution

Percept created an clever brand identity package inspired by electrical currents and growth.

The dynamic form of the ‘W’ references electrical elements and creates a sense of movement, a direct reference to the company’s forward-thinking and pro-active approach.

Encapsulated by a circle, the logo design presents the idea of all-round, complete service, effectively positioning DKW Services as trusted professionals in the industry who provide quality and reliable solutions across a multitude of services.

The brand identity package was rolled out across a variety of collateral including stationery, job sheets, uniforms, stubby holders and website. They now have a brand that they are proud of as it represents them well and provides coherence across all platforms.