My Family Matters

Branding Design

Branding design for brand identity, company stationery and website, by Percept, brand designers in Sydney.

Case Study

Branding Design

My Family Matters were a new company requiring branding design, so they approached Sydney brand designers, Percept, for their expertise in the areas of branding, marketing communications and website design.

Brand designers, Percept, made a conscious choice to avoid a cold, corporate image which is most common in the financial and insurance industries.

My Family Matters focuses on life insurance for families. So as brand designers, Percept felt that the best strategy was to create an image across their branding design that was emotionally engaging to their audience.

Percept created this branding design package beginning with the logo design and then applied that theme to the company stationery and website design. Percept are brand designers that handle the full gamut of work, also developing the website design in-house.

My Family Matters have a target audience of working families at the younger end of the spectrum. So as brand designers, Percept, felt that a more emotive design would help position them appropriately.

We believed that a bird would be a great branding design device, acting as the company representative, playing to the target’s nesting mentality.

A contemporary colour combination and the way the bird interacts with the type speaks with the savvy target audience who know branding design. The branding design also indicates that My Family Matters is a forward thinking company with their client’s best interests at heart.

The modern branding design of the brand identity package also reinforces the same messages.

The website design was intended to be not too corporate at all.

Whilst brand designers, Percept, made sure My Family Matters are seen as a very professional company, care was taken to soften the design of this website. This was done with use of aspirational and emotional imagery, quirky design details and interactive animation.

Considering the sensitivity that comes with the business of selling life insurance to young families. All these branding design elements go together as a brand identity package that ensures this Sydney company feels like an approachable one.