Gambling Help

Logo Design / Graphic Design

Logo design and graphic design for the NSW State Government community service initiative called Gambling Help.

Case Study

Logo Design & Graphic Design

Percept were selected from the NSW Government Advertising and Digital Communication Services Pre-qualification Scheme as the successful graphic design agency for this project due to decades of logo design experience. The Gambling Help logo design and graphic design that makes up the brand identity, was developed for the NSW Government to provide the service with a recognisable logo with a presence amongst the community. As a result, the simple, bold logo is well respected and has great recall throughout the state.

The logo itself represents the community service of Gambling Help, which is all about approachable communication, be that by phone, online or face to face.

This message of communication is expressed through the logo’s speech bubble icon, and the approachability is embodied in a modern, lowercase typeface.

The logo and the fresh, reliable and trusted colours that it incorporates provide the groundwork for a graphic design style that is used throughout all collateral and for the organisation as well as it’s brand identity.

The marketing material extends from print to digital, and the brand’s look and feel easily translates across the varied communication pieces due to its simplicity and graphic approach.

It was also important that the logo was non-judgmental and highly legible.

In most cases, communications are not specific to demographics, but rather broad and all-encompassing as is the varied range of the service’s clients. On occasions however, the marketing collateral is more target demographic specific and the graphic design of brochures and posters for youth or non English speakers are some examples where this is the case. The system is flexible enough to allow for this.

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