Life Plan

Corporate Identity

Life Plan chose Sydney branding agency, Percept, to create their corporate identity design. They wanted something that stood out while effectively representing them in the professional services and finance sector.

Case Study

Corporate Identity Design Sydney

Rebranding specialist, Percept, was approached by Life Plan financial services. This switched on, forward-thinking professional services company realised that to truly improve their business, they needed to improve their corporate identity design. This was the catalyst for an entire rebranding, helping overhaul the perceptions of the financial advisors in Sydney.

Life Plan are a bright and qualified, no-nonsense team who come from all walks of life. They specialise in providing financial advice in areas such as; insurance, superannuation, investments, retirement, estate planning and financial planning for business.

Formerly called, R. Rose Consulting, they initially contacted Sydney branding agency, Percept, for their brand naming services. For their rebranding, they wanted a strong, clear and easy to understand, shorter name to define the ‘essence’ of their brand positioning as a reputable industry leader within the finance sector of the professional services marketplace.

The corporate identity design needed to encompass professionalism, strength, security and integrity. They also wanted the balance of having something personable, inviting and memorable which would stand out in an industry cluttered with generic looking ‘me too’ brands.

A more creative approach was taken with this corporate identity design by Percept, capturing Life Plan’s ability to help you look towards your future; making a visual promise to realise your potential and plan for a better tomorrow.

A suite of corporate stationery was developed as well as a new corporate website design and interior office signage which completed the package of deliverables in this corporate identity design project that was developed for the rebranding of this professional services firm in Sydney.

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