An empowering brand identity design for a charity with a common cents approach to fund raising.

Case Study

The Challenge

The Common Cents Fund (CCF) was founded to invigorate the world of fund raising and challenge traditional methods of donation. The CCF consults with charities to find items critical to assisting their cause, then list these items on their site so donors can in effect purchase these items for the charity.

They engaged Percept to create a brand identity that showed the core vales and philosophy behind the fund.

The Solution

The brand identity design was developed with a clever use of the double C from Common Cents, to create a unique, simple and flexible icon. A continuous line, signifies the unbroken pathway between the donator and chosen charity.

The icon’s social media application has also been taken into consideration as it will be very important in the day-to-day use of this brand identity. Following the logo development, the brand identity design was applied to items such as corporate stationery and a website landing page which is in place during the early days while the main website is being developed.

The client is excited about the potential of their brand and believe that this identity represents them in the ideal way.