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Percept creative agency Sydney, specialise in professional logo design and branding.

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Planning Ingenuity, asked Percept creative agency Sydney to develop a professional logo design and branding scheme for their company.

As a high quality town planning service provider, a professional logo design was of high importance in terms of how they are perceived in the Sydney market.

Percept creative agency Sydney, created a logo design that clearly explained what Planning Ingenuity did visually, whilst remaining corporate in appeal. From this developed their branding that was clean and contemporary in style.

This theme was then rolled out to their corporate stationery and branding package which uses a colour palette that differentiates them from their competitors.

We continued the branding look and feel onto their corporate document design, so everything that is produced by their office has a consistent feel.

Finally, Percept creative agency Sydney, came up with a responsive website design which is modern and fluid in style, rounding off their suite of corporate marketing collateral.

Planning Ingenuity were very happy with the results of their new branding scheme and believe that it has improved the professionalism of their company in their client’s eyes.

If you are interested in professional logo design, Percept creative agency Sydney, would be happy to discuss your branding scheme with you.



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