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Percept Brand Design ignite the conversation with brand naming event branding for the Public Service Commission's virtual HR masterclasses and podcast, The Spark.

Case Study

Brand Naming & Event Branding by Percept Brand Design

The Challenge

The NSW Public Service Commission (PSC) are launching a series of soundbites related to HR and its role in the digital age. These are released in the form of podcasts and virtual masterclasses. With the goal to inspire, empower and drive conversation on the future of HR, they approached Percept Brand Design for help with brand naming and event branding.

The project involved the creation of an event branding device, mainly a logo design, that aligns to the new PSC brand guidelines. This logo design will be applied to various forms of digital marketing and visual communication and as such, needed to be accessible and flexible enough to work in many different formats.

The Solution

Percept Brand Design is among the top branding agencies, with plenty of event branding and brand naming experience. This is why the NSW Government selected us for this project.

Traditionally, HR ‘puts out fires’ but we wanted to turn this idea on its head, using this opportunity as a way to become the proactive instigators, igniting positive change. From this, various themes were proposed to the PSC team which went on to inspire the core idea of the event branding coming up with brand naming, ‘The Spark’.

We created a branding device that puts dialogue and the sparking of conversations at the forefront. This is represented in the logo design through the two overlapping speech bubbles that creates a third one in the negative space.

Being inspiring and empowering was significant to positioning the event branding. Percept Brand Design chose to use a refreshing combination of the new PSC teal and dark purple, with accessibility always top of mind.

The branding device was applied across digital mediums including the Spotify podcast cover, a presentation template and various banners for news, Eventbrite and on an e-newsletter, branding the event consistently across all platforms.

If you need brand naming or branding, contact us to discuss your project. Percept Brand Design is always happy to share our expert advice.


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