Professional corporate identity design including logo, corporate stationery, website and ads for Trading Reference Australia.

Case Study

In need of a professional logo designstationery, website and ad design, Sydney based company Trading Reference Australia approached Percept. They wanted us to handle all of their corporate identity design requirements.

The first thing that struck us was the fresh and vibrant personality of the company’s people. This was a great influence in the logo design itself. We tried to capture this approachable persona and merge it with the solidity and professionalism of the service based company.

The resulting corporate brand image represents them well. It visually conveys the essence of Trading Reference Australia and the unique combination of attributes they possess.

This feel flowed into the look of the stationery, the design of their ads and of course their corporate website design.

The sum of which is a powerful yet inviting corporate identity package that symbolises what TRA is all about.

The design’s versatility lends itself to the many applications required in a corporate identity roll out, making for a recognisable brand with personality.

If you are interested in professional corporate identity design in Sydney, please give us a call.