Brand Naming & Branding Design

Brand naming and branding design including product catalogue by brand agency, Percept.

Case Study

Brand Naming & Branding Design incl. Product Catalogue by the Percept Brand Agency

Seeking brand naming and branding design for a new product, Alspec is an independent Australian industrial company based in Western Sydney. They distribute aluminium semi-fabricated products. Over the past 35 years the company has grown to become a leader in its field, with an Australia-wide distribution network.

After shortlisting leading branding design agencies in Australia, they selected Percept as the chosen brand agency and consultancy to help them create the VersaStyle brand naming, branding design, catalogue design and marketing collateral.

Alspec needed a brand agency, in Percept, to come up with a smart and sophisticated way to help fabricators showcase their VersaStyle Wardrobe Systems to consumers. This wallet was designed to house all Alspec marketing collateral that was designed for the launch of their new wardrobe range.

Part of the creative brief for brand agency, Percept, was to come up with the brand naming for this product range and VersaStyle was selected from the creative brand naming list we brainstormed, refined and presented in our product brand naming process.

The minimal and clean branding design for this product catalogue design, took inspiration from the beautiful photography of lifestyle images intended to have an aspirational effect on the consumer.

This brochure design which acts as a catalogue was used as a marketing tool to highlight the system’s design, features, benefits, style, colour and hardware.

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