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Looking for effective brochure designers in Sydney, Rentokil Initial selected Percept for this inspirational internal communications piece.

Case Study

Internal Communications / Brochure Designers

Percept are brochure designers in Sydney. We were selected by Rentokil Initial because of our reputation for effective internal communications design work.

Having recently completed a successful marketing activation for the same client, creative agency Percept, were also chosen as the brochure designers in Sydney for their internal communications too.

Sydney design agency, Percept, was responsible for the brand strategy and visual communications concept for ‘do something amazing today’. We developed the type and visuals that feature prominently throughout the design of this brochure.

The project involved creating a benefits booklet that would go out to all newly employed staff members at Rentokil Initial. A company who’s brands include Rentokil, Pink and Ambius.

The brochure outlines all the employee benefits that a new member of the team would receive.

The project required Percept, as the brochure designers in Sydney, to come up with an over-arching theme for the internal campaign. What evolved was the inspirational tagline ‘do something amazing today’. The concept was created to encourage high performance and a company mindset.

The desired effect was to not only inspire employees personally, but to also make the them feel like they have become a part of something bigger. Part of an exciting team of people who are all reaching for the stars. The aim is to achieve greatness in their everyday tasks and interactions with customers as well as each other.

Percept took this corporate brochure design challenge and created something that would inspire.

The theme features the use of a series of beautiful photographs that depict kids all dressed up, playing make believe in scenarios from astronauts and superheroes, to adventurers and aviators.

This visual communications concept was nostalgic in its style of images and colour palette, making an immediate emotional connection which should effectively communicate with the employees. It captures the feeling of when dreams became reality, and ‘amazing’ was within reach.

The corporate brochure design was the hero of this campaign. It was extremely well received and has since gone on to inspire the roll out of a range of print collateral as well as a campaign video and internal signage.

Percept are more than just brochure designers in Sydney for Rentokil Initial, we are considered their visual communications agency.