Capabilities Statement

Percept were engaged by leading Australian power solution company, Powerwest for their capabilities statement design.

Case Study

Capabilities Statement Design

The Challenge

Powerwest is a successful power solution company with many large projects for the mining industry across Australia. Their core business is designing, constructing and operating remote power stations.

After rebranding Powerwest and creating their website, Percept were engaged for their capabilities statement design with a look and feel that fits with the new branding. The capabilities statement design is aimed at the managing directors of companies within the mining and engineering industries both in Australia and International.

The Solution

The capabilities statement design features beautiful aerial photography of Western Australia. This visually connects the client to the location of its business operations as well as depicts the size of their projects when working with the mining industry.

Mines by nature are visually dramatic. Using full page imagery of the projects helps convey the scale of Powerwest’s work and positions them accordingly. A combination of aerial landscapes and people in-situation in various roles present an authentic and transparent view of Powerwest projects.

A graphic line device was created, inspired by the negative space between the letters in the logo design. Representing connection and continuity, this element features throughout the document and creates a sophisticated visual style that is unique to the Powerwest brand.

Text is kept to a minimum, only communicating key information so that decision makers succinctly get a clear impression of Powerwest’s offerings and clean typography helps convey this in a modern and professional way on this capabilities statement design project.