e-Commerce website design agency in Sydney for Australian certified organic beauty products brand online store.

Case Study

This e-commerce website design was developed by the Percept creative agency in Sydney. It’s for Australian company Planet Eve Organics, and is key to the business as it functions as an online store to sell their certified organic beauty products.

Percept built in the function of a shopping cart for the online store to enable it as an e-commerce website. It promotes product sales which is the main call to action for the site.

So now our client who is based in Sydney can sell products throughout Australia and all over the world.

The regular pages that make up the rest of the website design also have an easy to use content management system (CMS) built in so the client can edit the text and images themselves on an ongoing basis.

On top of the online store functionality of this e-commerce website design, it was to also look beautiful.

The design of this website acts as an online brochure which educates the user about these organic products and their ingredients whilst positioning the brand appropriately for the beauty industry as one to be desired.

Based in Sydney, Planet Eve Organics have developed certified organic skincare products that encourage Australian women to be beautiful naturally.

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