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Modern, professional and quality product catalogue website design created for Australian food company by award winning digital design agency Percept in Sydney.

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This high quality and modern, product catalogue website design from award winning digital design agency Percept, was created for Australian food service company, Riviana to target professional chefs.

Percept created this website design as an online version of Riviana’s product catalogue, showcasing the wide variety of food products they have to offer.

The Sydney digital design agency’s strategy was to create an online product catalogue website design that didn’t feel like an interaction with a computer.

Instead, the feel would work best for Riviana was one of freshness and vitality. They wanted the user to know that their produce is full of goodness and for the site to be more like a farmer’s market than a straight-up digital product catalogue as a website.

A background of grass helps provide an outdoor feel and the rustic wooden header section gives the site a tactile flavour. Wherever you look, you see tempting imagery of fresh produce and considering that the main users will be professional chefs, the quality of the ingredients makes all the difference to them and their dishes.

To break the mould even further, award winning digital design agency Percept, felt it was important to create some dimension to the site. This has been done with layering. For instance, the leaves on the top left that are out of focus, the navigation strip, the branding ribbon and the variety of pull outs that overlap borders all help add texture, layers and dimension that you wouldn’t normally experience with a website design from a typical digital design agency in Sydney.

There is a large section full of recipes with mouth watering professional food photography which helps Riviana’s customers modernise their menus with great ideas using their products.

The high quality of this website design is reinforced by its hero, which is the online product catalogue section featuring nearly 300 products. This is driven by a dynamic content management system (CMS) so the client can edit details or add new products whenever they wish.

The modern design was enabled by the entire site being custom built from scratch, tailored to the client’s needs and Percept’s creative vision. The hand drawn elements of the site also give this website design personality and character and a sense that it was hand crafted with love.

It is also worth noting that Percept offer more than typical Sydney digital design agencies, having created all of Riviana’s new packaging design and creative advertising campaigns too.

Riviana is thrilled with the outcome of their modern looking new website. They say that by appointing award winning Sydney digital design agency, Percept, they’ve enjoyed a good return on their investment in professional website design.



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