Percept were chosen as the packaging designers for frozen food company Lamia's Quick Snacks.

Case Study

The Challenge

Lamia’s Quick Snacks have a range of ethnic snack food created to retail in the frozen food section of Australian supermarkets.

They used to run a business organising and cooking food for local community groups, and came to packaging designers Percept in Sydney because they were looking to commercialise their products and required the assistance of professional packaging designers.

Products are made using good quality ingredients and include kubba, samosa, dumplings and other fried snack goods.

The Solution

The company had just gone through a name change, so part of the project was to refresh their logo design with the new brand name and improve its styling.

As professional packaging designers, Percept worked with the client to create packs that would present well in frozen food sections of supermarkets and project the products as a tempting option for catering at parties or for eating on the go.