Logo design in Sydney for companies and brands of all types.


If you’re looking for professional logo designers in Sydney, Percept is a great choice that will give your business the best chance of success.

We’re an experienced creative agency who develop high quality, custom logo designs for all types of companies and products.

As you can see from the hundreds of unique examples shown above, we specialise in logo design in Sydney for organisations of many different shapes, sizes and styles.

First impressions last, and in most cases company logos are the initial representation of a business to a potential customer.

Your logo design forms the cornerstone of your brand’s identity, and in an instant it communicates a lot about who you are, what you do and how well you’re suited to your customer’s needs.

Percept work closely with our clients throughout the process to ensure we produce a visual identifier that delivers the desired messages to the target market at first glance.

Percept specialise in creative logo designs that are good for our client’s businesses because they effectively represent them in terms of professionalism, positioning and personality.

Percept Brand Design Sydney have been developing high quality, custom logo designs for our clients since we began back in 1997 and this experience makes us stronger now than ever before.

It is important to note that we also go beyond the logo design itself, having a successful track-record in rolling out full brand identities. Solutions for our clients often include items such as stationery, websites and printed marketing material, which are crucial for companies who are looking to make a good impression in today’s world. For more information see the branding section of our website.

Percept specialise in logo design in Sydney for any type of company or brand and would like the opportunity to discuss your project with you. If you care about how your business is perceived, please contact us.



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